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Giving Out Free Sardines In DayZ

Did you really expect this transaction to go smoothly? This is DayZ we're talking about here! via Deltajay23

Kids Rage Out In My Little Pony TF2 Server

These kids drop some hilarious one liners such as "Aww I got put up by a baby!" and "Alright, I'm back from a hot chocolate break!".  Oh yeah, that's definitely a My Little Pony themed server by the way. via BringTheStep

Breaking news: Kid gets pissed off by troll in CoD!

There's a pretty cool back story to this video. Apparently, this kid was trolled and featured in a montage - and this is the full length outtake version of the troll following him around. He says some pretty funny stu...

GTA V Christmas Party!

I wanted to throw a Christmas party in GTA. I ended up going to another dude's Christmas party because he had strippers (well actually one stripper) and it seemed like more people were interested in attending his even...

Gas Station Russian Roulette. DayZ.

I love it when people get really creative inside the game. This time, a brilliant idea was hatched! Take turns hitting the gas pump with baseball bats until it blows up on one of you! Genius. via Magnus Grahn Nelson

BF4 James Bond Style.

Is it weird that I would classify a clip like this is sexy? The dude literally jumps in and out of his jet to RPG someone. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want to be like this guy when I grow up, should I eve...

How to make friends in RUST.

The homie Smoka Cola wanted to teach us how to make friends while playing RUST. Apparently, it's not cool to follow people into their house, wielding a rock and possibly naked. via Smoka Cola

Max Payne harassing pedestrians. GTA V.

A sweet little montage of a  Max Payne clone in GTA V hassling pedestrians with such insults as "You make my skin crawl!". Such harshness, Max! via HvKSmokaCola

Meet Mike Hunt. BO2 Trolling.

I saw the title and had a feeling I knew where this was headed, but it was so much funnier than expected - especially when the British voice comes out. via Coach Topher

A very sensitive guy in Black Ops 2.

This poor guy. Everyone seems to say the wrong thing to hurt his feelings. The sensitive piano is a very nice touch lol. via XboxAddictionz

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