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The Star Wars Rap Song We Deserve – Turn Down For Hutt!?

This is the jam of the millennium... see what I did there? :D

Beauty And The Beast Goes Hood

If only Jerome were a real character in Beauty and the Beast. Dude's a player. via todrickhall

Video Game Making Machine. Amazing invention alert!

This is one of those "once in a lifetime" inventions and I really hope this guy's Kickstarter campaign is successful. The gaming industry will be turned upside down if this thing gets funded! via  blake3one6

GTA V in real life.

This is pretty well done! At times I did feel like I was in GTA, except I wasn't being ran over while in "passive mode" (personal GTA Online complaint, disregard). via Initial Arts

Spartan Kick in Ryse.

I had a feeling there would be a flood of "THIS IS SPARTA" jokes with this game, but hey - if the shoe fits. Perfectly placed kick into a pit of despair, how Sparta of you dude. via Khyber VT

The Fresh Prince of Karkand. BF3

My two favorite things - Will Smith and Battlefield 3 have finally merged. A nice lil' jam courtesy of ORYG1N

DayZ Mario Kart

I have yet to drive a car in DayZ, let alone have a wicked post-apocalyptic race!  I love the finish lol. via saqibaz

Full House Tournament Fighter

LOL. This is amazing!!! A Full House fighting game! I know it's not real, but I want it! I would whoop everyone's a$$ with Michelle! via JamesNintendoNerd 

Drifting in BF3

Drift racing through a Battlefield? I like! Some excellent drifting in the face of artillery!  via gahzilla

IRL Panic Knifing MW3 Spoof

From the Director: Modern Knifing 3 - Stop the Panic Knifing. Panic-knifers are the bane of many of our existences. They don't so much knife you as they squeeze their controller because you surprised them. lol A flin...

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