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Beauty And The Beast Goes Hood

If only Jerome were a real character in Beauty and the Beast. Dude's a player. via todrickhall

Video Game Making Machine. Amazing invention alert!

This is one of those "once in a lifetime" inventions and I really hope this guy's Kickstarter campaign is successful. The gaming industry will be turned upside down if this thing gets funded! via  blake3one6

GTA V in real life.

This is pretty well done! At times I did feel like I was in GTA, except I wasn't being ran over while in "passive mode" (personal GTA Online complaint, disregard). via Initial Arts

Spartan Kick in Ryse.

I had a feeling there would be a flood of "THIS IS SPARTA" jokes with this game, but hey - if the shoe fits. Perfectly placed kick into a pit of despair, how Sparta of you dude. via Khyber VT

The Fresh Prince of Karkand. BF3

My two favorite things - Will Smith and Battlefield 3 have finally merged. A nice lil' jam courtesy of ORYG1N

DayZ Mario Kart

I have yet to drive a car in DayZ, let alone have a wicked post-apocalyptic race!  I love the finish lol. via saqibaz

Full House Tournament Fighter

LOL. This is amazing!!! A Full House fighting game! I know it's not real, but I want it! I would whoop everyone's a$$ with Michelle! via JamesNintendoNerd 

Drifting in BF3

Drift racing through a Battlefield? I like! Some excellent drifting in the face of artillery!  via gahzilla

IRL Panic Knifing MW3 Spoof

From the Director: Modern Knifing 3 - Stop the Panic Knifing. Panic-knifers are the bane of many of our existences. They don't so much knife you as they squeeze their controller because you surprised them. lol A flin...

How to lay down in CoD for Dummies

In case you are a total noob and want to camp more effectively, you may want to learn this tip. You can apparently "lay down" in Call of Duty!? Yes, this just as much sarcastic as awesome :) via Evanz111

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