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Trolling CoD With Google Translate

People just keep coming up with new ways to mess with other players on the mic! At least it's not one of those squeaky baby voice effects! via TrollarchOffice

Kid gets in fight with mom while live streaming.

This modern day Ferris Bueller decided to fake sick so he could stay home and live stream some CoD. Well, his mom didn't take kindly to this and live hilarity ensues. via Rexy

Brutality Throwing Knife Montage. CoD Ghosts.

CoD is just so easy to take shots at these days. Instead, I will give the series props and say at least one thing hasn't changed.. BANKSHOTS. Yeah, I'm a sucker for throwing knives still. via So Not Baked

Breaking news: Kid gets pissed off by troll in CoD!

There's a pretty cool back story to this video. Apparently, this kid was trolled and featured in a montage - and this is the full length outtake version of the troll following him around. He says some pretty funny stu...

This is sad. CoD Ghosts shows off high ratings from who?

Apparently CoD: Ghosts thought they could trick everyone into thinking that their game was globally loved and accepted. Well, take a closer look. Not to say these websites aren't reputable, but let's just say I've nev...

Meet Mike Hunt. BO2 Trolling.

I saw the title and had a feeling I knew where this was headed, but it was so much funnier than expected - especially when the British voice comes out. via Coach Topher

A very sensitive guy in Black Ops 2.

This poor guy. Everyone seems to say the wrong thing to hurt his feelings. The sensitive piano is a very nice touch lol. via XboxAddictionz

Truth. Black Ops 2 Knifing Montage.

A new lil diddy friend  codeblue941. Keep stabbing your way towards greatness brotha.

Gun Sync Shotties Snipers edition.

The shotgun and sniper rifle set the beat.. but the party really gets started when the dual SMGs come out. via GoBigBaiis

Fanboys have Nerdgasm over being in a game with Hutch.

This is so creepy and funny. A bunch of young nerds basically start orgasming over the mic when they realize they are in a game with Hutch.

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