All Hope Is Lost After This Depressing GTA:O Screenshot

Damn, if someone with NeverGiveUp as a gamertag chooses to commit suicide in GTA Online, what hope do any of us have? :( via Krayniak862

Angry GTA Player Shows Off His Guitar Skills

Everyone's just mad that he's so talented at playing guitar. #FutureRockStar

Chef Ends His Own Career By Telling Kathy Lee To STFU Good God this is awkward. This guest chef basically can't stand the hosts talking over him and loses his sh*t on TV. He then mumbles over and over again about how he's never going to be ...

Interviewing Dillon The Hacker – Leader Of 4Chan and Anonymous

Dillon the Hacker has been making waves in the online community after coming out publicly as the leader of popular website, 4Chan and global hacktivism group, Anonymous. We were proud to be one of the first cyber c...

Battlefield’s Little Engine That Could

I love it when players of a game collaborate to push the boundaries. In this case, 64 Battlefield 4 players got together to try and stop a train that continuously runs through the map, using every vehicle at their dis...

Unluckiest GTA V Player Ever Gets Owned At Every Turn

This is hilarious! Just when you think things can't get any worse for this guy they magically do. It almost seems too good to be true, but this kind of comedy of errors would be tough to plan.

Insanely In-Depth Character Customization System

A new Korean MMO called Black Desert is about to change the character customization game forever. You can detail your character down to eyelashes and individual strands of hair! They might as well change the name of t...

Internet, Meet Dillon The Hacker – He’s Gonna Hack Everything

Dillon the Hacker has been issuing warnings all across the internet that his revolution is here.  He's been going hard in the paint on famous YouTubers and has threatened to take down Reddit and 4Chan, although so far...

Minnesota High School’s Campaign To End Sexy Dancing

This school takes such a strong stance against "grinding" while dancing that they started a campaign to end it. I'm sure having a principal and a white kid talking like some version of a black guy (?) put quite the de...

Super Awkward Gentleman Crashes College Flashmob

I don't think he was invited or welcomed into the 'mob but this guy is the freakin' life of the party! I hate flashmobs for the most part, but this dude is what you would call a show stopper, GG.

Apparently Soulja Boy Loves Anime

Who knew that Soulja Boy had such range when it comes to entertainment choices? He lookin' like Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Piccolo for starters.   *Warning, this song sucks*

Second Life Rap Battle Gets Real

The best part is these guys are rapping over the internet, calling the other an internet gangster LOL via JDCribsGames

The Joker Meets A Juggalo For an Awkward Moment

Apparently this was at an anime convention. The Juggalo seems intent on converting The Joker into a Juggalo, if that makes any sense. Nothing makes sense anymore. via yosemiteland

ReplayGoblin Minicast: 5/2/13 – NERDGASMS

I was confronted with the reality of my horrid podcasting through a Facebook message. I was reminded that I have a duty and an obligation to be consistent in my podcasting,  so I present for you - NERDGASMS! :D

ReplayGoblin 420 Minicast 4/20/13

Twitter user @ano1Batman suggested that we track down an old guest and have him co-host a 4/20 show. I was invited into my guest's world to discuss 4/20 and other profound things! Enjoy.

RG Minicast 4/8/2013 (Zilian OP Exposed)

Today we take a detour from pure comedy and dive into exposing the scumbag ZilianOP some more. We received an illuminating e-mail from the person HERO who used to work with Zilian and ultimately  hijacked his Facebook...