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15th Day of Cringe-Mas: Anime Body Pillow Collection

An overenthusiastic gent shows off his anime body pillow collection. Some flattened to the point of providing no cushion, some not. However one question remains; how does he fit all of them onto his bed?

14th Day Of Cringe-Mas: Teen Goofball’s Prom Date Proposal Video To Kate Upton

If I were Kate Upton i would be all over dat'. Kate, will you go to prom with him?

13th Day of Cringe-Mas: How Old Are These Guys Who Made This Fighting Scene?

BETA KOMBAT! Still amazed that grown dudes thought it would be a good time to film themselves play fighting in the middle of the street where people can see them. Oh well, at least they had the decency not to use ...

Kid Loses It In Class

In this pokemon battle Zubat uses Screech, and it's not effective.

12th Day Of Cringe-Mas: A Creepy Father/Son Sex Talk On Public Access

We can't be positive that this is from a public access show, because everything filmed on VHS looks like it's public access. Uncomfortable to watch nonetheless.

GTA Player Doesn’t Realize Entire Lobby Can Hear Him Talking To Virtual Stripper

So, a small part of your time playing GTA V should be spent in the strip club. There's a mini game where you try and get strippers to "like" you so you can get their phone number. This dude is playing (and really en...

11th day of Cringe-Mas: Shitty Anime Reenactment

If the production quality didn't give you a raging chubby then the superb acting and muscle spasms are sure to send you into an anime orgasm.

10th Day Of Cringe-Mas: Big Doofus Records Himself Making Women Feel Uncomfortable

So basically, this player strapped a camera onto his head and went out to pick up chicks. The only problem is... he's gross, creepy, overly sexual and pushy. The perfect storm for cringe.

9th day of Cringe-Mas: Brony’s Speech on Manliness

Brony makes a rousing speech on the origins of true manliness, which apparently comes from watching a show for 5 year old girls.

8th Day Of Cringe-Mas: Super Awkward Guy Gets Blown Off At Autograph Table

This dude is gonna school everybody at Powermorphicon, including the Z list celebrities who were actually on the show! It's almost painful to watch how bad he's being blown off. But he's pretty f***in' annoying.

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