14th Day Of Cringe-Mas: Teen Goofball’s Prom Date Proposal Video To Kate Upton

If I were Kate Upton i would be all over dat'. Kate, will you go to prom with him?

13th Day of Cringe-Mas: How Old Are These Guys Who Made This Fighting Scene?

BETA KOMBAT! Still amazed that grown dudes thought it would be a good time to film themselves play fighting in the middle of the street where people can see them. Oh well, at least they had the decency not to use ...

12th Day Of Cringe-Mas: A Creepy Father/Son Sex Talk On Public Access

We can't be positive that this is from a public access show, because everything filmed on VHS looks like it's public access. Uncomfortable to watch nonetheless.

Kid Loses It In Class

In this pokemon battle Zubat uses Screech, and it's not effective.

GTA Player Doesn’t Realize Entire Lobby Can Hear Him Talking To Virtual Stripper

So, a small part of your time playing GTA V should be spent in the strip club. There's a mini game where you try and get strippers to "like" you so you can get their phone number. This dude is playing (and really en...

Practice Squad & Injured Reserve Football Game Coming To Consoles Soon?

This is unconfirmed, but it looks like gamers worldwide are finally getting the game we've been waiting for. An NFL Practice Squad and Injured Reserve Simulator! One on one drills allow you to practice hard a...

What Kind Of Fruit Is This?! [Poll]

What kind of fruit is this? Ok, you're on the clock. What kind of fruit is this a picture of? SKILL LEVEL REQUIRED TO ANSWER: EXPERT

The Many Ways Luigi Is Dissed

Everyone jokes about Luigi being the inferior, less loved brother of Mario - but here's actual proof that he's being hated on in multiple ways by pretty much everyone (especially Nintendo).   He was bar...

How True Ballers Handle Their Christmas Wreath

Santa will NEVER miss this house. In fact.. if I were Santa I would slide down their chimney, eat some cookies and play throwback Nintendo games until Rudolph comes to get me. Rudolph is clearly the most responsib...

3rd Day of Cringe-Mas: Meme Rapper

Rapping is dead because this young man just killed the alphabet with those bars. If he keeps spitting like this he'll have his own record deal and be cruising around spitting fresh memes at the ladies.

The Star Wars Rap Song We Deserve – Turn Down For Hutt!?

This is the jam of the millennium... see what I did there? :D

Guy Sings Halo Theme In Empty Church. Kills it.

Usually when I go into an empty church all I get is holy water thrown on me. Only once or twice have I been surprised by an A Capella performance of an iconic video game theme.